Netflix top new hit: “Squid Game”


The “Squid Game” first episode demonstrates how competitors are intrigued to play their first game. Later leading to a series of games, this series can be described as an addiction.

Anabella Aguilar, Staff Reporter

After its September launch, “Squid Game” became Netflix’s most-watched show, with 111 million views, according to Business Insider.

Netflix’s new top hit quickly grew into a worldwide phenomenon, generating viral memes on social media, countless numbers of prank calls, a candy frenzy, pop-up shops, and even plans for a real-life game.

This series is a fictional South Korean drama in which competitors, who are badly in debt, compete in children’s games to win a large sum of money, and unfortunately, the losers will be executed.

The Loretto Academy community appears to be a huge fan of “Squid Game” too as 70.3 % of 74 Loretto students say they’ve watched it and 90.6 percent say they enjoyed it.

Fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for season two to be confirmed!