Jim Crow never ended, it’s just re-emerging

Gov. Kemp signs a suppression bill into law. This photo is now the poster of modern-day Jim Crow attempts to disenfranchise People of Color.

Photo courtesy of GBP

Gov. Kemp signs a suppression bill into law. This photo is now the poster of modern-day Jim Crow attempts to disenfranchise People of Color.

Iliana Moreno, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Months after President Biden won the state of Georgia during elections, the state’s governor passed a voting bill that continues the Jim Crow past of the South.

Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill that would continue the deeply dark history of the south, plagued by suppressing Black voters.

Although the state may have turned blue after both senate seats went to democratic senators, Gov. Kemp is trying his absolute best to turn it back into a red state.

Republican legislators know that voting has leaned blue in recent years, even with historically red states, such as Texas, becoming blue when Biden lost the state by only 5.5%.

Senior Christie Moreck said, “It’s crazy to think people in power would do this in 2021, you’d think we’re more advanced than this.”

This attempt to restrict voter’s rights is the GOPs way of clinging on to what is left of right-leaning voters, the party has only continued to diminish over the years and republicans like Gov. Kemp are doing everything in their power.

Taking away the right to give water and food to voters in line, decreasing access to early voting, and decreasing ballot drop off boxes is the last resort for republicans to hold onto their power after a disastrous presidency that left their party in shambles.

Moreck said, “It’s ridiculous to think that giving voters, in long lines, water would be such a big issue among republicans, there are more important things to focus on.”

Now that major corporations have spoken out against these restrictions, republicans have the audacity to tell them to stay out of politics- pretty funny for people who take checks from them every election cycle.

The leaders of the party, most notably Mitch McConnel (R-KY), have failed to take the south out of its dark past, instead making it known that they are the suppressor states by supporting laws that only restrict voters and their rights.

Moreck said, “It’s like they’re stuck in time, nothing has advanced voter laws in the South.”

This isn’t the “New Jim Crow”, it’s a continuity of suppression against voters who don’t want white republicans- or any republicans for that matter, in office.

Gov. Kemp needs to be removed from office and the bill needs to be struck down by the Supreme Court.

Time and time again I call for these people to be voted out of office because their acts are despicable, and maybe that will now be a possibility after Georgia tuned blue this past election cycle.

To fight against this suppression, support coalitions like The New Georgia Project, Georgia STAND-UP, Black Voters Matter, and the Georgia NAACP, who are fighting this act of racism-fueled laws.