Freshman reminisce on their first year of highschool

Freshman at their retreat. Photo courtesy of Fatima Valenzuela.

Cristina Robles, Class Section Reporter

Freshman year is a glimpse of what highschool will be like with new classes and friends.

This year the freshman could not finish their first year of highschool.

However, the freshmen reminisced on the good times they had. 

Maria Jose Rodrijues said, “Honestly, I had a super fun freshman year. 

I made new friends and I learned a lot.”

 I also loved all the activities we had and enjoyed them so much.” 

Freshman year consists of many activities for them to get to know the school, their classmates, and of course their biggies.

Camilla Corella said, “This freshman year I had a wonderful time getting to know more people and finding new friendships. 

“I will always have the memory of my first year of highschool.” 

One of the most fun parts of freshman year is getting to know all the new people.

 One builds a sisterhood with their classmates that will last forever. 

Milagros Aguirre said, “what I enjoyed about my freshman year is all the friendships I made and the teachers. 

“They are all very kind and I really enjoyed my freshman year even though it got cut short, I do believe that next year will be a better year.” 

With three more years of highschool, the freshmen hope for a better few years but are thankful for the friendships they made along the way.