The Juniors advice the Sophomores

Juniors at field day. Photo courtesy of Cristina Robles.

Cristina Robles, Class Sections Reporter

Junior year is a year filled with studying for the SAT’s, trying to get good grades, and finding your closest friends. 

Isabella Baca said, “I would tell the sophomores to enjoy every single moment and although this year may sound scary and stressful because college is right around the corner, this is the year where you make your closest friends and realize the sisterhood that Loretto has. 

“However, one of the most important things is to not procrastinate. 

“Don’t leave everything to the last minute.” 

Not procrastinating is their key to Junior year.

 There will come times when the teachers assign everything for the same date, always keep up with the work. 

Diana Laura Perez said,
“If you want to have a good Junior year, and keep your grades up.

“Always remember good work pays off. 

“So, give the best in every class and in the relationships with your classmates and especially with your teachers since they will be recommending you for college.” 

Remember that the effort given to your Junior year will pay off in the long run. 

Junior year is also filled with fun activities and bonding with your friends. 

Monique Duran said, “Don’t procrastinate. 

“It might seem like a lot, but in the end it will help you. 

“Enjoy every moment you have and for field day make sure you are really involved. 

“Try different things everyday, don’t be so shy. 

“Talk with your teachers because they can help you with everything.” 

Valeria Simons, junior class president, said, “Be organized, don’t be afraid to reach your goals or try new things, and do not procrastinate.” 

Junior year is not only very important academically but also socially. 

Take the advice from the Juniors and strive for a great year.