Reflection on The Prax


Sybonae Acosta, Class Sections Editor

Throughout my time as section editor for The Prax, I have found myself diving into new experiences and friendships at every turn.

At the start of the year, I was excited for the what the year held, but never did I imagine the amazing opportunities and work I would be able to accomplish.

From my time on The Prax, I have learned about the basics of journalism and also learned about communicating with the people in my community.

As class sections editor, one of my main jobs is to talk to the student body and listen to their thoughts and ideas within each class.

From my duty, I have met a plethora of interesting personalities and learned about myself.

From working with The Prax, I have learned to be innovative and think outside of the box.

With each story I write, I try to find ways to take a new spin on the topic and make it my own.

As senior year comes around, I hope to further my knowledge in the field of journalism and continue to make discoveries about myself.

With my team we have created timeless stories as well as timeless bonds.

Being on The Prax has taught me some of the most amazing life skills and has made me a more open-minded and aware person.