Until next time


Cristina Robles, Entertainment and Class Sections Reporter

As the 2019-2020 school year comes to an end, I reflect on everything that has happened this year. 

Being part of The Prax is an experience I will never forget and I am very excited to be joining again next year. 

I remember on the first day of journalism class, I was stunned by how much work and devotion being part of The Prax was.

Slowly it changed from something I had to do to something I enjoyed doing. 

I would like to thank Mrs. Lockhart, who has been a big influence by helping improve my writing and keeping me updated on the news. 

I know that the friendships I have made and everything I have learned is going to stick with me throughout my life. 

As we say goodbye to this edition of The Prax, I am excited to see what the next edition might bring.