Virtual goodbyes


Last year’s tennis team smiling at the sports banquet in 2019. The sports banquet was one of the many activities that were canceled as well. Photo courtesy of Victoria Chiu.

Daniela Martell, Sports Editor

The spring semester for Loretto Academy students is the best — fewer classes, more events.

There are so many traditions and bittersweet goodbyes shared between students, especially the seniors.

Seniors have the second semester to give a proper goodbye.

However, under the circumstances, they didn’t get the chance to do so.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t have an alternative goodbye.

Underclassmen and seniors alike shared their goodbyes via the Internet.

Audrey Hermida, a senior softball player, said, “I’m sad that my season was cancelled halfway through and that I didn’t experience my senior night and say a proper goodbye.

“That I’m not going to experience what past seniors experienced brings me down, but I’m grateful for the games I did play and the memories I made with my team.”

She has been part of the team since her freshman year, and her goodbye was heartfelt.

Hermida said, “If I had to say goodbye to the underclassmen, I would say to keep their heads up and to always believe in themselves.

“A coach once told me that the game is 40% physical and 60% mental; you’re the only one that can stop yourself from reaching your full potential.

“Even if I don’t see them again I know they’re going to do great things and that they’re all leaders.

“They should continue working hard and know that I’m always going to be there for them.”

Her junior softball teammate, Samantha Perez, reminisced about her memories with Hermida and told the story about the time that Hermida lost her glasses for a full week.

Perez said that Hermida was always positive and uplifting.

As her goodbye to Audrey Hermida, Perez said, “If I could say goodbye to Audrey, I would say thank you so much for always making me laugh and pushing me to be confident; thank you for empowering us, and we will miss you a ton.”

The swim team did end their season successfully, but they still said their goodbyes.

As her last goodbye to the underclassmen swimmers, senior Victoria DuBois said, “Don’t take advantage of things because they can be taken from you instantly, and also appreciate Loretto; don’t say you want to leave already because I said that but I regret it so much because I literally miss it so much.”

The swim team had a very successful season!

They won first place regionals and fifth place states.

Senior swimmer Daniela Wong will be going to college in San Antonio where competitions are held.

Wong is planning on attending the swimming team’s regional and state competitions.

Sophomore swimmer Carolina Garcia said, “Daniela was our captain, and Vicky was our teammate, and they were both always there for anything that we needed.

“I feel very sad that the seniors can’t have a normal end to their last year at Loretto.

“I wish we could make that possible and give them the goodbye they deserve for being big sisters not only to the freshman but to all the girls at Loretto.

“If I could tell them goodbye I’d tell them to remember all the memories they’ve made and that if they ever need a place to go they’re always welcome back at Loretto, and that we are all going to miss them so much.”

The tennis team was days away from going to regionals in San Antonio before the shelter-in-place order was implemented.

Senior Zoe Andritsos was going to enjoy her fourth and last regional competition.

Andritsos said, “Of course, it was unfortunate that our season was cut short.

“However, I think all of us understand that the situation is much bigger than us; we all have to do our part which is to stay home.

“While I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to properly say goodbye to my teammates, the situation has made me even more grateful that I was able to be part of such an amazing team and to have made such good memories together.”

Junior tennis player Sophia Borrego said, “She had a big role on the team, in my opinion, because she provided us with so much positivity and she just inspired all of us to do our best.

“Thank you for everything you have taught me and for all the encouragement that has made me better.

“You were such a big part of all our lives.

“We will all miss you so much.”

 Another Loretto tennis team player, junior Victoria Chiu, said, “ Zoe was the mom and official cheerleader of the group.

“Throughout the entire season, she was always the positive one, and she was very dedicated to the team and making sure we were all doing okay.

“If I could say goodbye I would say good luck in their next chapter in life.”

The soccer team also said goodbye.

Senior Brianna Diaz has been on the soccer team since she was only a freshman.

Diaz said, “It was a sad thing to think about it as my last year playing, but for this reason I worked extra hard at every game.

“Not having a proper goodbye was even harder for me because my last experiences with each and every person I became close to came and I had no idea.

“If I could say goodbye to all the underclassmen, I would encourage them to do what they like to do and truly put passion into it; it sadly all comes to an end before you know it, and never forget to always choose to be happy!”

Loretto soccer team co-captain Anacristina Villegas said, “I would want to wish them the very best always and to follow their dreams and to work hard.”

Finally the last spring sport, track, said goodbye.

Senior Alejandra Urbina said, “It was really tough because I had my last meet without even knowing it was my last meet.

“So I didn’t savor it as much as I would have wanted to if I knew it was my last meet.

As her advice to the underclassmen, Urbina said, “Enjoy every second of it because you never know when it will be over.”

It was the first year of track for senior Juliana Liano; however, she said, “I absolutely loved my season.

“The girls were super supportive and would always encourage each other, which made track that much more enjoyable, and that’s saying a lot since I actually hate running.

“To the underclassmen, I would say try new things like a different sport to get out of your comfort zone because those are the moments that really help you grow; always give 110% in everything you do, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

Junior track athlete Marian Gomez said, “If I could say goodbye to the seniors, I would tell them how amazing they’ve been and how much I’ll miss them next year when they’re in college.”

Another junior track athlete, Britney Martinez, said, “I would say goodbye to the seniors by saying how much they helped lead the team and thanking them for all their stories and memories they made with us.”

Although everyone wishes that these goodbyes could’ve been face-to-face, they were still heartfelt.

The Loretto family will deeply miss the seniors.