A Prax to remember


Iliana Moreno, Loretto News Editor

As the 2019-2020 year comes to a close, I remember all the great times I had as a co-editor for the Loretto News section and what it taught me.

The Prax taught me to always be quick on my feet and ready at a minute’s notice; stories can be added at any time, and I’ll need to chase an interview or hunt down information.

This year taught me the important role that journalists play in the world they sacrifice free time to write the truth and report it, and they go underappreciated and are often even attacked.

However, writing pieces on events going on at Loretto Academy brought me joy and deepened my love for my school and writing. 

My counterpart, Melina Olivas, was the best co-editor I could’ve asked for; we worked efficiently and got along really well together, we worked hard on keeping up with the fast-paced Loretto students and events going on.

I could not have done it without my amazing fellow reporters and editors; together, we were able to write about Loretto and the news around us.

One of my biggest influences this year was Mrs. Lockhart she provided the best mentorship through teaching me how to improve my journalistic reporting and how to make it effective; she is the reason I love learning about the news around me and wanting to work harder towards reporting it.

I am very thankful to have had the journalism class I had this year; we grew with each other and learned along the way. 

I’m beyond happy I got to write for The Prax this year, and I intend to come back next year during my senior year to further develop my journalism skills and sharpen my world awareness.