Zooming in fashion


The class of 2020 having a Zoom meeting together to celebrate Loretto. They dressed in their uniforms as a part of SHOUT week. Photo courtesy of Mia Hernandez.

Iliana Moreno, Loretto News Editor

When COVID-19 forced thousands of students to stay home for the rest of the year, Loretto seniors were no exception.

They turned a worst-case-scenario into a Zoom worth a thousand words, coming together to wear their classic uniforms one last time. 

The day started as the theme “Wear your uniform to [Zoom] school” for SHOUT Week, which stands for Students Helping Out.

The Loretto class of 2020 turned it into a special day by having a Zoom meeting together in their uniforms one of the last times they’ll wear them as Loretto students.

Loretto traditionally has lots of senior activities to commemorate their time at Loretto, from Circle Drive to Ring Rose; however, they had to be postponed this year due to safety concerns and school closures in response to COVID-19.

This year’s Loretto graduates embraced the sisterhood and united under the notorious skirt and polo uniform for one final Zoom in fashion.