Replacing Ring Rose


This year’s Ring Rose came in the form of gift-giving. Seniors and juniors practiced social distancing along the way. Photos courtesy of Lauren Barajas, Mia Hernandez, Melani Saldana, Anamarie Cordova, Celeste Hirschi, Diana, and Iliana Moreno.

Iliana Moreno, Loretto News Editor

As students all over the world are stuck at home, Loretto juniors and seniors have found a way to appreciate each other as the seniors experience their last days and juniors move onto the top of the high school food chain.

Junior Sybonae Acosta put together the plans for seniors to give and receive gifts from juniors, put together lists of the students paired with each other, and reminded juniors when they would be delivering their gifts. 

The senior and junior appreciation was a fill-in for Ring Rose, in which juniors receive their class ring and seniors get a yellow rose.

Junior Arianna Hernandez said, “Ring Rose was something I had been looking forward to, and it’s sad to know that the seniors missed out on this beautiful tradition.”

Juniors delivered their gifts on April 24th, the scheduled day for Ring Rose — practicing social distancing guidelines along the way.

Many juniors gave their “biggies” baskets filled with their senior’s favorite goods and flowers personalized to their liking.

Hernandez said, “The best part was seeing how happy it made her that she was being honored in her last year.”

Junior Melani Saldana said, “We hadn’t seen each other in a long time, and the exchange is something we’ll remember forever.”

Seniors gave their “littles” gifts as well, making sure they could include the juniors in the temporary replacement of a timeless Loretto tradition. 

Although Loretto juniors and seniors couldn’t walk the stage with their class rings and yellow roses, they still walked in their driveways commemorating a timeless tradition at Loretto Academy.