Social media savior

In the graph above, it shows the use of VPNs rising in each country during quarantine. This shows that the amount of internet users has increased tremendously. Infographic courtesy of

Julia Esparza, Entertainment Reporter

Throughout the time in quarantine, many have taken to social media to quell the anxieties of isolation. 

Apps such as WhatsApp have seen a 40% increase since the coronavirus pandemic began. 

The average minutes spent on electronics including TV, gaming stations, computers, and social media have increased by 46%, according to Social Media Today.

Many studies have shown that the increase of electronics in everyday life will significantly change the way businesses approach consumers and other businesses. 

As reported by The Guardian this week: “In the UK alone, Facebook has facilitated the formation of an estimated 300 local coronavirus support groups, whose combined membership now totals more than a million people.”  

It seems as though now more than ever people are turning to social media and entertainment devices as a form of solace or companionship through the screen.