Keeping sanity

This photo is provided by In the photo above, families and singles are finding ways to keep the sanity by building forts or exercise. These things help change our environment and make it a more fun place to be.

Julia Esparza, Entertainment Reporter


Throughout these trying times, it can be hard to look at the positive and many may find themselves restless and impatient, but here are a few ways to keep the sanity.

Many new movies have taken to the home cinema after the closure of the movie theaters due to COVID-19. 

Take to your home cinema to explore these new releases for a discounted price, also not to mention Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and countless others have also been giving discounted prices for their new and veteran members.

There are countless adventures waiting for people to explore in the pages of a book or novel.

Puzzles and card games are also a new favorite.

Do some spring cleaning or reorganize your living space to make it feel newer and less structured. 

Try some new recipes or new cuisines with at home delivery services that deliver fresh ingredients straight to your door such as Blue Apron.

Do some home workouts to keep from losing shape while you’re on your couch binge-watching the latest series.

There are many ways to keep sane and stay safe, with a bit of creativity the house can become the playground.