Farewell to Mrs.O’Neill


Mrs.O’Neill back in September during the Vow of Silence. She was explaining to the junior class the importance of 9/11. Photo courtesy of Loretto Academy.

Sophia Navarro, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In August one of the many new faces to join the Loretto community was Mrs.O’Neill; She was a welcomed new edition to the Loretto community. Sadly all things must come to an end.

Mrs.O’Neill last day at Loretto Academy on March 6.

As assistant principal her duties were brought in scope, creating long hours, away from her children. 

Mrs. O’Neill said “ I am leaving Loretto because I was offered another position and the time I have invested at Loretto has taken a toll on my kids.” 

Mrs.O’Neill will be starting a new job at  Canutillo ISD as an Educational Diagnostician. 

Mrs.O’Neill has spent countless hours helping out in Loretto and shaping its students to become stronger woman. 

Her duties included overseeing disciplinary issues, extracurricular events, and various administrative responsibilities.

In January Mrs.O’Neill lead Loretto students through a Virtus training. 

Throughout this training, she taught us the importance of feeling safe in our own environment and speaking out if something is wrong. 

Mrs.O’Neill said “I’m going to miss spending time will all the girls and getting to know you all.” 

As a former student herself, coming back to Loretto as an assistant principal was a change from being a student.

Mrs.O’Neill said “ Being a student versus being an employee was really neat to see some of the things that happened when I was a student here.”

The job of an assistant principal isn’t an easy one, but Mrs.O’Neill made it look easy and enjoyable. 

She made it a point to understand every student in their own unique way.

Mrs.O’Neill said “ My last piece of advice is I hope every student sees all the potential they have and how blessed they are and that every single one of them has a remarkable story.”

Loretto wishes Mrs.O’Neill the best in her upcoming job and know she will be successful in what’s to come.