Sponsor spotlight: Mrs. Hall


Senior sponsor Mrs. Hall grades papers for her math classes. Mrs. Hall is a current sponsor for the class of 2020. Photo courtesy of the author.

Sybonae Acosta, Class Sections Editor

Being a sponsor is not an easy task; it requires undivided commitment and dedication to both the school and the girls.

Sponsors for classes are constantly put into challenging situations such as planning and organizing events.

The senior sponsors include head sponsor Mrs. Cortez, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Lockhart, Mrs. Melby, and Ms. Marshall.

The sponsors have seen their girls flourish into the young women they have become today from freshman year.

Mrs. Hall said, “The best part of being a senior sponsor is seeing the growth and maturity of the ladies from freshman to senior year.”

Along with the memories and bonds created between the sponsors and the girls comes immense responsibility on behalf of the sponsors.

Mrs. Hall said, “The hardest part is the hours you have to put into the Nun Run and getting things to be organized.”

However, as the four years have passed the seniors and their sponsors have left a long-lasting impression on one another.

Senior Savina Verdugo said, “Initially it was hard to make a connection with her; however, over the years we’ve grown and now I see her as a mother figure and a caretaker, making sure we are doing good in school.”

The bonds created between the student and the sponsor have left lasting impressions on one another.

As the school year continues to go by, the senior sponsors wish nothing but the best for their students.

Mrs. Hall said, “When they leave, I want them to have accomplished the goals that they set and hope they get into the college of their dreams.”

The sponsor/student relationship is unlike any other and remains one of the many reasons why the bonds at Loretto stay forever.