National Art Honor Society plans for art show


Catherine Carreon, vice president of National Art Honor Society, adds finishing touches to her art piece. Her piece touches on the oppression of the LGBTQ+ community. Photo courtesy of the author.

Iliana Moreno, Loretto News Editor

Loretto’s art students are preparing for the annual art show, showcasing weeks of work put into pieces of art.

They will be accompanied by performances from several other clubs, such as orchesis, choir, and drama.

The weeks leading up to event are full of planning, design, and completion of their artwork. 

National Art Honor Society opened the competition to all high school students, allowing them to submit pieces to be judged. 

The National Art Honor Society students are also required to submit a piece, where they will all be presented at El Convento.

The completion of the pieces to be showcased have been planned for weeks, having to go under copious amounts of special planning and material-gathering.

Art II students will be in charge of creating art dresses and garments, using reusable materials to build them.

Catherine Carreon, vice president of National Art Honor Society, said, “The prep time they [students in class] are given is usually two to three weeks.” 

The art students use real-life models for the day of the event — they will walk the stage with the art pieces on, showcasing them to the school on April 15.

But before that date comes, students will spend their time in Art II class building their pieces, working with models, and perfecting their visions into real interpretations of this year’s theme: freedom and oppression.

While Loretto waits to see these art projects, students are working to perfect their pieces for presentation come April 15.