Prom, Ring Rose dress ideas

Spring is characterized as warm, floral, and bright. Photo courtesy of

Julieta Alarcon, Entertainment Editor

Spring semester has arrived, and all the juniors and seniors can think about is prom and Ring Rose.

Prom will be held on April 18, and juniors are preparing it with enthusiasm.

Details have not been revealed yet since it is a surprise for seniors, but everyone is excited to know the place and theme.

Although the right dress might be difficult to find, stores are now full of new dresses for prom.

The spring season features beautiful dresses this year.

Everyone is different and has their own style.

According to the Cardigan Empire, dark-haired people’s colors are hot pink, salmon, royal blue, lime, and more.

For blondes, colors such as coral, baby pink, blush, lavender, and clear aqua are recommended.  

Ring Rose comes soon after prom.

Ring Rose is a Loretto tradition where juniors receive their rings from the senior class, and seniors receive yellow roses from the junior class.

The ring represents the future graduation of juniors, and the rose represents the seniors leaving Loretto.

This year Ring Rose is scheduled to be on April 24.

As the day approaches, no one mentions the struggle to find dresses.

Spring is near, and bright and pastel colors are in this season.

According to the Cardigan Empire, saturated hues with warm learning are the best colors.

Colors such as hot pink, rose pink, cherry, flame, and salmon in the pink shade are perfect.

If more neutral colors are preferred, off-white, aqua, periwinkle, and iris are the best options.

Make sure to buy a dress according to Loretto’s dress code rules.

The dress should not be too short and should not show cleavage. 

However, there are many ways to express yourself with floral, colorful, or neutral dresses.