Science at Loretto Academy


Ms. Ray judging science fair projects. The project being presented is Vitamin D vs. Acne. Photo courtesy of Loretto Academy newsletter.

Cristina Robles, Class Sections and Entertainment Reporter

Every year Loretto Academy’s science department runs a science-related festival.

This year, Loretto Academy hosted a science fair for the high school. 

The science fair was held on January 5, 2020 at 3:20 pm in room 201, the laboratory, and Ms. Gonzalez’s room.

Enrollment in Pre-AP Chemistry, Pre-AP Biology, or Pre-AP Physics is required of students to participate in the science fair.

Junior Suleth Villeda said, “I really enjoyed working on the science fair; my project was designing markers from natural dyes.

“One of the things that I enjoyed the most was working with my partner because I believe we learned a lot.” 

The past two years, Mrs. Cobb, a former teacher at Loretto in the Science Department, created the Women in Science and Engineering festival (WiSE), so students would have a more interactive way of creating their science projects and could incorporate the whole school. 

However, with Mrs. Cobb’s leave, the WiSE festival was switched back to the Science Fair. 

Villeda said, “In my opinion I prefer the WiSE festival because I feel like it’s more interactive and therefore easier to learn about your projects and your interests.” 

Junior Andrea Baeza said, “I have not been part of the WiSE festival but I do think I would prefer it because a lot of my friends said it was less stressful and a more fun experience.” 

The science fair is one of the many ways Loretto students are able to showcase their interests and handiwork through science.