Rise in violence across borderland


Mexican police walking infant of one of the many crimes scenes. Photo courtesy of the Thomas Reuters Foundation.

Sophia Navarro, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Over the past few months, our border city of Ciudad Juarez has seen a rise in violence. 

The recent crimes are due to drug cartel organizations. 

The violence has been increasing in Juarez for months despite the increased efforts of patrols by state, federal, and local police.

The death rate has doubled according to the El Paso Times.

 To calculate the death rate, there were 767 homicides in Juarez in all of 2017.

Channel 44 reported that the number of homicides has surpassed 500 in the first six months of this year.

There has been a total of 1,200 deaths this year.

Crime and death rates are at a new high, causing fear in its citizens and citizens of El Paso. 

According to the El Paso Times, U.S. and Mexican law enforcement officials have said that the violence is due to fighting among drug-dealing groups.

The conflict is between two drug cartels, La Linea and Barrio Azteca crime organizations.

Over the past months there has been many shootouts in different parts of Juarez.

There have been shootings in bars, restaurants, and even across the street.

A wave of extreme violence occurred back in November.

The violence included murder and bus burnings. 

Over 26 vehicles, buses, and semi-trucks were burned.

These violent crimes began when more than 800 soldiers, state and city police officers raided the Cereso three state prison in Juarez.

Juarez officials believe that the violent attacks were being ordered by members of drug cartels who are carrying out activities from behind bars in the Cereso prison according to KTSM.

This violence did not stop but has continued to grow.

Loretto Academy senior Melissa Hidalgo lives in Juarez and crosses the border everyday for school.

Hidalgo said, “The rise of violence in my hometown is something hurtful to experience but also it motivates me and my classmates to take action and form a stronger and more peaceful community.” 

This violence has spread to the Arizona border.

During early November, members of a Mormon community were attacked.

The family was traveling near the U.S.-Mexico border.

Nine people were killed: three women and six children. 

The children’s ages ranged from an infant to 14 years old.

The victims were shot and the vehicles they traveled in were burned. 

One of cartels said to be behind the attack is La Línea. 

La  Línea cartel also has been involved in crimes in Juarez.

The violence that has occurred is horrific and need to stop for the safety of the Juarez community and our Loretto community.