Class of 2019 – 10 years later


Nicole Revilla and Sofia Cortez

It is the year 2029, and Loretto Academy is hosting their 10 year reunion for the class of 2019.

All the girls from the Class of 2019 now turned young adults are anxious to see their fellow peers and what became of them.

Although every girl has gone off to different paths of success, they all find the time out of their busy schedule to attend their reunion.

Ironically, Alessandra Saldivar is the

first to arrive, after 10 long years Alessandra finally learned the importance of punctuality after her business finally took off 2 years ago.

Shortly after her arrival, more and more girls from the class of 2019 arrived, they all hugged each other and laughed as Luly Urias showed up in her scrubs wearing pink cowboy boots.

Professional debater Sofia Almanzan’s laughter could be heard over a mile away as she made her way into the crowd.

The two girls that everybody’s jealous of, Maegan Rodriguez and Carolina Gamboa, enter locked arms with their dream husbands Dylan O’Brien and Shawn Mendes.

Nizi Nares enters the reunion still wearing her basketball jersey and shorts, barely making it on time from her WNBA game in which she made the winning shot.

Madelynne Sandoval arrives carrying tickets to her next seminar in which she will be a keynote speaker on mental health advocacy in teens.

Everybody is jealous of Ambar Guajardo’s outfit, she is wearing an original piece made exclusively by her that Reginna Escobar, a model for top luxury brands, modeled at the New York Fashion Week.

Suddenly, the Air Force One plane lands on the top of the building and President Britton Brindle emerges from the craft, her Secret Service agents walking her inside.

After President Brindle appointed Amy Rodriguez as head of the CIA, Amy and Britton have become great friends and two greet each other with a hug at the reunion.

Also Mexico’s first female president, Mariaelena Apodaca sat down with President Brindle to discuss relationships between the United States and Mexico.

Also arriving in a private jet, billionaire businesswoman Regina Deandar spent the reunion reminiscing about her time as president of the Senior class.

World class trauma surgeon Christina Urrea was with her best friend world class psychologist Ava Moreno as they discussed their “craziest patients” stories that caught everybody’s attention.

Xzandra Fo and Maria Jose Echeverri who were both head nurses at major hospitals chimed in with her own stories about crazy patients.

A few girls screeched when Entomologist Isabella Noe brought out her pet Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, she also bragged about the vast collection of bug species she had in her lab.

Environmental activists Karely Salazar and Alejandra Limas spent time talking about their experiences protesting and planting millions of trees all over the Amazon rainforest.

Marian Gomez was now fluent in 12 different languages after spending time studying abroad in various countries.

Chemical Engineers Lynette Valdes and Anna Gonzalez spoke about the many things she has become involved with like working for a major pharmaceutical company and inventing many techniques that increased the quality of food available in our planet.

Congresswoman Celia Escobar also manager to take in time off her busy schedule in order to make the reunion, she decided to take the time to announce her intent on running for senate in the upcoming election!

Professional sign language interpreter Azalea Esquivel Reyes talked about her time teaching at a school for deaf children.

Many girls who were in the business field also asked Paulina Chavez who was now a chief financial consultant, and Carolina Cereceres, business manager, for advice on their businesses.

Everybody was surprised to see Danya Navarrete show up at the reunion, Danya was now a successful engineer in New York.

Olivia Vara brought many extra signed copies of her new novel that was just named a New York Times Bestseller.

Lauren Perales also reads a chapter from her upcoming novel, the two then go on to discuss different literary works.

Sofia Alonso could not stop talking about her many trips to Europe during her study abroad sessions and how she met the love of her life under the Paris Eiffel Tower.

Dentist Emma Presley still made everybody laugh out loud with her quirky comments and life stories, she and Danni Garcia, also a dentist, have a practice together and offered everybody a coupon for a free teeth whitening treatment.

Maria Andrea Fernandez still looked as beautiful as ever, she told everybody about how she had just finished medical school and was starting her own private practice.

Forensic Scientist Sofia Puente also bragged about her new job working for the FBI’s crime unit, she has been labeled one of the best detectives in all of the nation.

Camila Rodriguez spoke of her time living in France and offered anybody who was looking to travel to France in the near future a place to stay at her Villa on the French Riviera.

Professional world traveler Grecia Rosales and Ana Lluvia Garcia also offered their classmates free tours throughout Europe, they also showed everybody pictures from her travels.

Ana Solis cracked many jokes at the reunion, she is now a professional stand up comedian who has worked with Ellen Degeneres on many projects.

Jessica Garcia and Emilia Mandujano put on a small show of the dance routine they performed at Madison Square Garden as backup dancers for Beyonce.

Isabela Martinez and Victoria Hernandez decided to follow their path as artists, their works have been featured in museums in Paris and together they own a very successful art gallery in New York City.

Ever since graduating from Baylor, Ashley Herrera and Victoria Larkin have become inseparable, they both have become very successful bloggers as a side job.

Sociologist Lauren Gil pointed out the group dynamics she noticed throughout the reunion, her and Social Scientist Cassandra Lemus compared their findings

In the middle of the party, Alejandra Sanchez was found asleep on the couch, but in her defense she had just come back from a long day of shooting commercials for companies she helps market.

Environmental analyst Elizabeth Hernandez talks to Brianna Sustaita about her latest invention to help save the Earth’s coral reefs, Brianna then goes on to share her plans to save endangered species.

Everybody crowds around Chief Editor of the National Enquirer Jimena Hallal as she spills the gossip about all the celebrities.

Buddi Garcia teaches at Loretto Elementary, she meets up with Desiree Lopez to discuss how her twin sons are doing in class.

Desiree informs everybody she has been loving her life as a soccer mom.

Reality TV show star Cory Alcaraz has to politely ask her camera crew to leave her alone for a while as she attends her reunion with her friends.

Stock Market analyst Kathryn Brandon has become a billionaire on Wall Street, she offers to pay for everybody’s dinner as a sign of appreciation for her fellow angels.

Ivanna Gonzalez still continues to mission all across the globe, she along with Silvia Alvelais and Iliana Pinal run centers for the poor in many first world countries.

Yari Castro’s famous contagious smile earned her gigs working for companies like Crest and Colgate where she now gets to model her perfect smile for the masses!

Many girls teased Belen Salas for spoilers on the new Hollywood movie she is directing but she wouldn’t budge.

TV Host Summer Sanders signed autographs and took the time to invite actress Dinorah Martell to come on her show.

Wimbledon Champion, Ana Barbara Gonzalez was recently awarded the title of “Best Women’s Tennis Player”, she gleefully showed off her many trophies.

Andrea Hernandez also showed off her trophies and talked about the moment when she made the winning goal that made her team the FIFA Women’s World Cup Champions.

Vianney Ruiz brought gifts from Japan for everybody, she also assured everybody she has gotten better at staying awake at parties.

Fernanda Quevedo and Mariana Valverde continued their shady lives as they went on to become undercover spies for an unknown organization.

Ana Victoria Sierra and Alejandra Castaneda brought their Youtube Play Button to the reunion as they just hit 10 million subscribers.

Eliane Castorena now is the owner of a global company with influences in all parts of the world.

Ilse Navarro talked about her time competing in the Olympics for Gymnastics, now she owns a gymnastics studio and trains young girls.

Cassandra Villar, Sofia Barajas, and Karla Medina invited everybody to their new exclusive nightclub that had its grand opening only a week ago.

Victoria Prado arrived late as her flight from Brazil got delayed, she brags to her friends about her life on the Copacabana Beach.

Adriana Gonzalez ended up having to buy a whole farm to fit in all the animals she adopted, Ivanna Ortiz also takes her pet cows to her farm to play with the other animals, they hire Kayleene as the Veterinarian that takes care of them.

Clinical Psychologist Alissa Rubio offered free mini counseling sessions for girls as many crowded for her advice.

Maria Murguia had to leave the reunion early as she had nobody to take care of her kids, she had adopted a kid from every continent except Antarctica.

Anitzel Escobar brought samples from her new makeup line that she herself engineered, everybody loved the products.

Hilary Gallardo is now a pediatric nurse, she gets a page during the reunion and is forced to leave early.

Jennifer Baker and Samantha Carrillo are still best friends, the two are owners of their own hair salon where you can get your hair done while eating on some of Samantha’s delicious homemade cookies.

Sofia Cortez spoke about her experience conducting research in the Amazon, she recently discovered a new species and is being published in National Geographic.

Nicole Revilla recently finished her residency in Neurosurgery, she talks about her upcoming research on hoping to cure diseases.

Danna Morales and Natalia Franco also recently finished their medical career and are now looking to establish their own practices.

Maria Sandoval got even cuter as she got older, she showed up and brought gifts and big hugs for everybody.

Penelope Vega is now a history teacher and social activist, she teaches her students how to be leaders and learn from history.

Alenna Gandarilla advertises her new Physical Therapy clinic, she tells the girls that they will receive a free massage if they stop by.

Lawyer Jimena Chavez recently graduated from Harvard Law School and is now working on a very prominent case.

Olivea Ocon told the class about recently opening a new faith group at St. Pius X and her experience missioning with Lily Villalobos in South America.

Everybody was dying to know about Paola Martinez’s experience in Australia, everybody was pleased to know she is still living there and has enjoyed it very much.

As the night came to an end, everyone shared one last hug and left, some cried as they knew it would be along time until everyone was back together again.