Met Gala 2019


Reginna Escobar, Entertainment Editor

   The first Monday in May is the most important one in the fashion industry, the Met Gala.

   The Met Gala, is a fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City.

Every year Anna Wintour, chooses a theme for the guests attire.

This year’s theme was CAMP, based on Susan Sontage’s essay in 1964, “Notes on camp.”

On her essay Susan explains the concept CAMP, which is an aesthetic with an extravagant, exaggerated style with parody and theatrical view.

The majority of the celebrities that attended wore extremely extravagant and weird gowns, if they followed the theme.

The side of fashion style that no one ever dare to use.

The gala is a way for the Institute to fundraise money, what truly happens inside is just drinking, eating and having a good time amongst celebrities.

This year, Lady Gaga stole the show.

By wearing 4 different gowns and changing them while walking the pink carpet.

This was definitely a theme made just for her, this is why  she was the host along with Harry Styles and Serena Williams.