Senior Class of 2019


Isabela Martinez

Before finals are taken and caps are thrown
into the air, the Loretto Academy senior class
of 2019 is not leaving without a final goodbye
to their school.
On May 11, 2019, the senior class walked
into the gymnasium with nothing but their
white graduation gowns, their traditional
penny loafers with knee high socks, and their
multicolored decorated caps representing
their future college.
They were then honored by Principal Mr.
Homero Silva and Sr. Mary E. Boesen as they
provided them with awards recorded
throughout the year as well as awarded the
top ten percent of the class.
Afterward, the seniors were given a little
treat by their fellow classmates Madelynne
Sandoval, Kathryn Brandon, and Lauren Gil
as they finally presented the working
production of the senior video.
The video not only served as a farewell to
Loretto Academy’s student body and staff, but

it also served as a souvenir for the graduating
Despite Sofia Cortez showing her masterful
technique on how to rock a messy bun and
watching the hilarious dance trends from
2015 to 2019, the moment that all seniors
were waiting for: the goodbye song sung by
Hannah Montana.
Throughout Hannah Montana’s song “I Will
Always Remember You,” the moments from
Field Day, Ring Rose, Halloween, Christmas,
and the Big Sister/Little Sister Picnic came to
Every hug, every yellow rose, every cheer,
every yellow T-shirt, and every single senior
came out in the video which only caused
nothing but tears to come out.
Even though a lot of the senior class girls
will be distanced by the colleges they are
going to, there will be no separation from the
sisterhood bond with this video working as a

Loretto will be Loretto Forever and as
Hannah Montana says, the senior class will
always remember each other.