Wade and Nowitzki to retire from NBA

(Photo courtesy: Google Images)

(Photo courtesy: Google Images)

Emotional Tribute to Dwyane Wade

Madelynne Sandoval, Sports Editor

NBA all-stars Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki have officially retired from the association, making the 2018-2019 season their last. 

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Wade has competed 15 seasons with Miami Heat in the NBA, beginning in 2003.

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He celebrated his final season with the Miami Heat by exchanging jerseys with players he believes are changing the game.

Wade traded with players such as LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Paul George, and Ben Simmons. 

 His career ends with three NBA championships, one Finals MVP award, 13 All-Star selections, eight all-NBA honors, and more than 23,000 points. 

He has also played for the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Dirk Nowitzki is ending his career with 21 seasons under his belt.

He completes his 21 seasons with the Dallas Mavericks, coming from Germany in 1998. 

Nowitzki has only played in the NBA for the Dallas Mavericks,

(Photo courtesy: Google Images)
(Photo courtesy: Google Images)

always staying loyal.

  Nowitzki’s accomplishments include winning league MVP honors in 2006-2007, guiding Dallas to its first NBA title in 2010-2011, being named Finals MVP.

He ranks sixth in NBA history with over 31,000 career points.

The two iconic players say goodbye to their basketball careers and look forward to a new chapter of their life.