Varsity Loretto track/field at regionals and districts


Loretto's Varsity Track team at 2019 regionals. (Photo courtesy: @lorettoxc via Instagram)

Sofia Cadena, Sports reporter

On April 15, 2019 a selective group of the
track team traveled to San Antonio for the
TAPPS district meet.
The girls traveling to compete in this meet
were Elvira Aguilar, Carly Castro, Marissa

Marissa Garcia, Emma Presley, and Britney Martinez will be heading to State to represent the Angels. (Photo courtesy: @lorettoacademy via Instagram)

Garcia, Britney Martinez, Mariah Martinez,
Emma Presley, Giselle Yoshimoto, Summer
Sanders, Alejandra Urbina, and Giselle
The girls had a long season that allowed
them to prepare for the TAPPS district and
regional meets.
Practice time was crucial for working
perfecting times and making sure no one

was harmed.
Mariah Martinez said, “I prepared myself
by staying positive and having a good
During the race, I used strategies to reach
my goals such as knowing when to speed up
and how to pace myself.”

Motivation from both the coaches and the
rest of the girls helped the following girls
compete in the following events Marissa
Garcia in the discus throw, Britney Martinez
in the 1600 meter race, and Emma Presley in
long jump travel all the way to state
competitions in Austin.