National Honor Society inductions

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National Honor Society inductions

Jimena Hallal, Reporter

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On Wednesday, April 10th the annual National Honor Society, NHS, inductions occured.

National Honor Society is a an organization that is recognized throughout the United States.

It is an Honor Society that has different chapters in different high schools, Loretto included.

The members of the organization are based on four main traits: Leadership, scholarship, service and character.

At Loretto there is a big ceremony for all the students who are inducted in front of the whole student body and along with their parents.

To apply for National Honor Society, the girls are nominated and given papers that they need to fill out to show that they are qualified in each of the four characteristics.

Later a committee of members of the board of Loretto get together to see if the nominees qualify to become members of the honor Society.

If the student is inducted their parents get called and asked not to say anything to their daughter in order to maintain the surprise.

On the day of members already in the honor society tap the inductees in order to officially induct them.

The ceremony named all the inductees and then awards were given based on the characterizations.

The ceremony was a beautiful thing and congratulations to all the new inductees.