Stressed? Don’t be tense

Stressed? Don't be tense

Jimena Hallal

Over the past years at Loretto there have been instances where stress overcomes us and it makes us want to stress out even more.

During the week of May 13-May 16 the seniors will be having their finals and two weeks later the rest of Loretto will be having their finals.

As the time for the end of the Spring semester draws near, it seems like every part of our lives is coming to a close.

To prevent all the stress and everything to close in on you, begin a way of organization that makes it clear which are the most important tasks in your life right now.

There are different ways to do this, such as creating a timetable for all the classes, work, self-care and free time you have.

Have a study group with people from  your class because they are the ones who understand the most of how the stress can hit in that class.

Make sure to get enough sleep, if you are not sleeping well then all the hard work will go down the drain because you will forget most of what you learned.

Eat fish, avocado, tuna, and nuts to help remember all that you learned when you were studying.

Meditate to remember that while these grades do define you now and for college they won’t matter in the far away future.

During finals, and life, the most important thing to remember is care for yourself because if you do not care for yourself then you cannot help your grades or others for that matter.