Grad Guide


Photo by: Ivana Bayona

Isabela Martinez

When it comes to graduation, one is either
excited or depressed, but one does not think
ahead on what they should do or not do on
graduation day.
Graduation day is one of the most
anticipated days of the year and it could even
lead some people to sweat— which is
something that must be taken care of!
According to BestLife, one way to prevent
sweating is to obviously apply deodorant
before you go to sleep.
Another tip is to not eat spicy foods, so if a
hot plate of chilaquiles is steaming in the
kitchen, it is probably better to skip it.
Also, coffee is not the solution to calm
down the nerves, but actually enhance them
with the amount of caffeine it contains.
So instead of being jittery and sweaty on the
day of graduation, just keep it cool!
Beside sweat and jitters, there is always the
possibility of a high heel shoe breaking!

If a high heel shoe breaks just a couple of
minutes before the ceremony, there are quick
ways to repair it.
According to wikiHow, it is useful to carry
an instant dry glue just in case to repair the
broken piece and push it back to its sole so
that it can stick.
However, it is also useful to take an extra
pair of high heel shoes or flats beforehand if
the glue does not dry fast enough or if one
does not take glue in the first place.
There are other mishaps that could happen
throughout graduation day, such as the
possibility of falling on stage or if one gets
can no longer stand high heel shoes.
But graduation day is one of the most
important days and one must stay calm and
collected to enjoy the last moment of it all!