2019 Academy Awards



Jimena Hallal

Late 2018, last year, the Oscars lost their host, Kevin Hart, due to some homophobic tweets Hart had put out in 2011.

That, however, did not stop the show producers to hold an incredible show.

There were performances such as Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow” which won the Oscar for best original song.

In these Academy Awards the record of women who won an Oscar was broken.

This year up to fifteen women won awards unlike previous years where only twelve women won awards.

Black Panther won three awards which is a strong contrast to a couple of years ago in 2016 when no one in the Black community was nominated.

Despite all the controversy in the media, “Green Book” won the award for best picture.

In other awards, the Mexican film Roma won three times and in his speech Alfonso Cuaron’s, the director thanked his family in Spanish.

The awards were unlike ever before and the performances were amazing..